Law Office of Kevin E. Childress

About Us


Our office is guided by Christian principles.  These principles are a constant reminder that each client is deserving of the best level of professional service provided in an expedient, economical, logical, and private manner.  These principles are applied through practicality, efficient handling of each case, awareness to an ever-changing legal environment and business world, and the uniqueness of each client's circumstance.

Our office is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of the resolution of complex legal issues.  Therefore, the Law Office of Kevin E. Childress continuously maintains the latest methods of legal reseach and investigation necessary to effectively represent our clients.  Further, our commitment to excellence assures expeditious but circumspect analysis of legal options, creative but prudent action, and vigorous represeprentation to achieve cost-effective solutions to our clients' legal issues.

Although our office continues to grow and expand, we have never lost sight of the underlying reasons for our existance -- personal attention and sensitivity to each client.